Living the lockdown life – LAST DAY!

Hi Bloggers!

This is the FINAL day of lockdown and I am super duper happy! So, last night I watched the Olympics and I though that the ‘Olympics’ would be my inspiration for today’s post! Below, I have attached a word art filled with words related to the olympics. I really hope you enjoy it – comment down below what your favourite sport in the olympics is!

If you’re in lockdown, stay safe and I hope you get to go to school soon!

From, Akshaya 😀

Online Learning Reflection – Rock, Stick, Leaf

Hi everyone! This is my Rock, Stick and Leaf Online Learning Reflection.

Something that ‘rocks’ is that I can see my friends physically and not through a screen and that I can talk to them without their faces glitching on a laptop.

Another thing that ‘sticks’ on my mind is how to appreciate all the things schools and my parents are doing to make sure that we are safe during this unpredictable time.

Lastly, something that I want to ‘leave’ (leaf) behind is the procrastinating version of me, and getting ready for another amazing term ahead!


Living the Lockdown Life – Day 3 (of school)

Hi bloggers!

As you know, we are in day 3 (of school) in lockdown! My family and I have spent most of the time together and playing a board game called quoridor! I have also been cooking and baking with my mother. We enjoy baking together, and we’ve experimented with some small coconut slices as well as some chocolate fudge truffles. It has been really fun and has kept me occupied. Comment down below what your favourite dessert to bake is! I definitely know mine are white chocolate chip brownies.

Have fun! Akshaya



Living the lockdown life – Day 2

Hi everyone! Hope you have read my previous entry (Living the lockdown life – Day 1). Today we had a very interesting day. We started off writing a narrative inspired by a picture. Then we had Maths and then Humanities. I created a really cool word art picture about my school holidays. So far, lock down is going great!

From Akshaya.

Living the Lockdown Life – Day 1

Hi y’all, as you may know, we are currently in Day 1 lockdown. On top of online learning, I enjoy watching lots of new movies or playing games with my family. Last lockdown, I completely finished the Harry Potter series for maybe the 3rd time, and now I am starting to watch the movies. This is basically what I’ve been doing so far. I do go out and play with my dogs, and i’ve been trying to train them to do some new tricks.


If you are in lockdown, stay safe and have an awesome time!

Sincerely, Amazing Akshaya

Environmental Issues quiz!

Hi everyone! I have created yet ANOTHER QUIZ for you to complete. This quiz covers a range of different environmental issues from plastic pollution to the loss of animal habitats. I created this quiz with my best friends and I hope that you enjoy it and also learn something new! Have fun!😃

By the way, here is the embeded code:

My Passions and Interests!

Hi everyone! I have just finished my Passions and interests imovie, which you can visit by either clicking on the link below👇 or going to the side of my blog and clicking on the widget. Have fun and please comment!


My Travel Quiz!


Hi everyone,

This is the link to the new quiz I just released. You can visit my Travel Quiz by either clicking the link below or tap on the Travel Widget on the side of my blog. Have fun!



My Music Quiz!

My Song Quiz is on the side of my blog – you can visit it there.  I created this with my Best Friend and we had so much fun together. I hope you enjoy my quiz!

Writing Challenge – Week 5


I looked down in disbelief, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. My boat was wrecked to pieces, and to make matters worse I couldn’t find Preston – my beloved cat. As soon as I realised what situation I was stuck in, I noticed that my food supplies were dangerously low (because of serious snacking on the boat) and I couldn’t scan around for any materials to potentially build a vehicle to at least transport us to Australia. Suddenly, I heard screeching voices coming from the small forest west of my position. I trusted my instincts and headed in the same direction, hoping to find survivors or any useful resources. But I found nothing.

At once, I had a plan in my head, so first, gather up wood. The only problem with this was that there were hardly any suitable trees or any wood for that matter. Despite this, I was determined to find any hollow logs or tree stumps.

However, to my rescue, Preston came back, his mouth filled with sticks and leaves. Most of them were burnt, as a result of a radiant sun, but I could make a campfire with the remaining supplies. During Prestons absence, I had already searched for coconuts or berries and had been lucky enough to find some to last the night.