Writing Challenge – Week 5


I looked down in disbelief, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. My boat was wrecked to pieces, and to make matters worse I couldn’t find Preston – my beloved cat. As soon as I realised what situation I was stuck in, I noticed that my food supplies were dangerously low (because of serious snacking on the boat) and I couldn’t scan around for any materials to potentially build a vehicle to at least transport us to Australia. Suddenly, I heard screeching voices coming from the small forest west of my position. I trusted my instincts and headed in the same direction, hoping to find survivors or any useful resources. But I found nothing.

At once, I had a plan in my head, so first, gather up wood. The only problem with this was that there were hardly any suitable trees or any wood for that matter. Despite this, I was determined to find any hollow logs or tree stumps.

However, to my rescue, Preston came back, his mouth filled with sticks and leaves. Most of them were burnt, as a result of a radiant sun, but I could make a campfire with the remaining supplies. During Prestons absence, I had already searched for coconuts or berries and had been lucky enough to find some to last the night.

Commenting Guidlines

Blog Comments – Up or down?

I this is my ranking of how well I think these students wrote their posts from excellent to worst:

  1. Number 3 – Because it comments on the person receiving the comments’ thoughts as-well. It also explains what is happening now and what she will do in the future (passing on information). It ends with a question which is really helpful and a good kick-start when someone wants to reply.
  2. Number 5 – It has great punctuation and grammar and states his ideas very nicely.
  3. Number 2 – Has excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling. Usually you would end with “kind regards” or “sincerely”. It is relevant to the subject and isn’t too long and boring.
  4. Number 8 – When you start an email or comment, I don’t think you should immediately criticise (this one doesn’t overly criticise)  the others’ work because that might influence the way you share your ideas on the comment. For instance, the reader may think that you are being unkind and may not listen to your positive advice.
  5. Number 1 – This is a very bad example of a comment because firstly, they are talking to a teacher. They use slang language and is very hard to understand. I don’t understand the topic of the email. In addition, the spelling is also incorrect.
  6. Number 4 – This comment doesn’t even start with a greeting. It is very unhelpful in the way that the spelling is incorrect and crams her ideas into sentences.
  7. Number 7 – It doesn’t have any feedback or any advice to the reader. It is hard to understand which part of the story was more appealing than other. It doesn’t start with any greeting, but otherwise the spelling was good.
  8. Number 6 – It starts off with an okay greeting. Later on, I think it is wrong to talk rudely or inappropriately about others through a comment. They used slang and bad punctuation.



China – Country of Focus

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The republic of China is located in the continent Asia. It is a very large country, and its capital is Beijing. As China is found in the Northern Hemisphere, it will experience different temperature ranges, as it is proven that the Northern Hemisphere is considered to be hotter than the Southern.

The population of China still continues to grow, but is recorded at the number of 1.5 billion (1442807550 people) on 14th  February 2021. At this point in time, it is approximately 18.5% of the total world population, and is the most populous country in the world. Over 60% of China’s population lives in an Urban area, with the median age at 34 years old. The current population of females all around China is 48.78% of the total population. The male to female ratio ranging  from 0-24 114.4 males to 100 females.

The National language of China is Mandarin as it is still spoken fluently today all around China. It is the most spoken language, followed by Cantonese, Shanghainese and Fuzhou. As a result, several hundred languages are spoken in China. Interestingly, every single unique language differs from each other both phonetically (in terms of sound) and morphologically( looks of characters).

China uses a currency is called renminbi. It is also referred to as yuan. 1 renminbi/yuan is equivalent to $0.20 Australian dollars (or 20c).

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A connection that China shares with Australia, is that Australia is China’s 6th largest trading partner, and also China’s fifth biggest supplier of imports. 25% of Australia’s manufactured imports are sourced from China. Over and above economic trade and investment bilateral relationships, there are strong shared community and culture links in terms of migration, education and travel.

Did you know… If you combined all of China’s railway lines together, they would be able to loop around earth more than 2 times?

Did you know… The mortar used to bind the Great wall of China’s stones was made from sticky rice?

The bordering countries of China includes India (located South-West of China), Nepal (also approximately South-West of China) and also Laos (South-East of China).

Latest update: China has been brightly coloured with festive lights and joyful traditions as we celebrate Chinese New year! Such a festive day to celebrate the year of the Ox and bring the family together for a successful year to come!

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Out in the jungle – Connective task

Inspiration:  The Forest Picture

Title: Out in the Jungle

I hadn’t seen people for ages, not even monkeys, who are related to humans. Nevertheless, I was determined to find my way back, even if it meant that I wouldn’t take any stops or have any communication. Meanwhile, my dog, Norman, was searching elsewhere for any inhabitants. I was trained in the Army to not take any breaks, and also to latch onto dreams that weren’t even within my reach. Despite this, my stomach was moaning, and before I could say a word, Norman started barking. Until I gave him a signal, only then, could he go and track down the noise.

Now that Norman has disappeared, my next task was to set up a camp site for the two of us. Before I knew, I had finished setting up the tent. When Norman was in sight, I ushered him to lay next to me, while I lit the fire and drank the warm cup herbal tea.

Word counts: 169 words


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